Winza Products BV has built up a network of partner suppliers and customers all over the world. Its partner suppliers must adhere to the high standards set by Winza for quality and reliability in order to participate. Among these partners are our joint-ventures in Bangkok/Thailand and Quzhou/China Rondo Plastic Products.

One of our product plants


All the partners in our network are strongly commited to product development based on market demand and technological innovation.

Winza Products BV is the coordinator of all these partners, striving to:

  • Translate market demands into production and product development;
  • Provide and exchange know-how;
  • Invest in new production equipment;
  • Market new products.

The relation with partner companies is based upon long-term co-operation agreements which result in dependable and often unexpected solutions to the customer's packaging problems.

Companies affiliated with Winza

Masterpack Group

Tailor made bulk packaging (FIBCs) for industrial usage

Masterpack Group is a leading developer in high-end packaging solutions. MPG differentiates from its competitors by choosing not to be a “one size fits all” producer. From the most delicate products in the food- and pharmaceutical industry to the extremes in materials and conditions in mining and chemicals: MPG is able to pack and protect it. With their FIBC’s and other industrial bulk packaging solutions Masterpack Group creates the best opportunity for you to pack, store and transport your products. » visit website

Protection covers for products in the leisure and garden industry

Cover is b2b provider of protective covers for garden furniture and products from  the leisure sector. Coverit B.V. has been part of Winza Products for over 20 years and offers a wide range of origional and innovative protective covers. Production takes place in our own factory in China. Besides our standard collection, we're specialized in custom solutions. » visit website

Winza SmallPack

Used clothing packaging

Winza SmallPack provides you with all kinds of PP woven packaging materials in every possible colour. Many products are available from their warehouse in Holland but may also be developed exclusively for you. Winza provides strong wrappings for any product you want to press into bales. Their bale covers protect from dust, dirt and even moisture if required. Improve your presentation by using colours and prints.
SmallPack is strongly committed to suppliers of used clothing of all kinds of fibres. Next to bale covers for small/large bales, SmallPack provides sheets, box bags with top lid/tie rope, shoe bags and rolls of fabric. » website online soon